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 My dogs Iris and Toby

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PostSubject: My dogs Iris and Toby   Sat Jan 19, 2013 7:08 pm

Name: Toby
Age: Young adult
Gender: Brute
Breed: Mutt
Crush: ---
Mate: ---
Pups: ---
Personality: Brave and rough; he likes to rough house and cause chaos and is always a wild one. If he likes what he sees he becomes greedy and loves to charm females. He's also loud and has a scary bark to most. He lost his family because he used to bite there little child when it pulled on his ears and irritate him. You can say you fought the bull; but lost. He has the tendency to make others fall under pressure but can be nice if you have not messed with him. Also he can be a bull in a china shop and be clumsy; he is very fast and is great at keeping secretes.. As long as there not very funny!
Other: Nope.

Name: Iris
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Fae
Breed: Golden Retriever
Crush: ---
Mate: ---
Pups: ---
Personality: Iris is very sweet and tender and is motherly to younger dogs. She can be easily pushed around and gets shy around dogs she doesn't know. Though she can be a flirt and a good debater Iris has never made anyone cry or bullied anyone and will protect some one who needs help. If she is protecting someone usually she tells them to get behind her and she unleashes a side of her no dog wants to see. Teeth bared, spit every where, barking ringing there ears. She even pounces on the bulled and tried to bite there neck. But sometimes she debates for them to leave the dog before getting crazy like that.
Other: Nope.
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My dogs Iris and Toby
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